My name is Caryn Carson and I live with my husband, Chris, our German Shepherd, Luna, and our Ragdoll cat, Rue, in the East End of Pittsburgh. What started as curiosity and exploration, has developed into a deep love of leathercrafting, and out of that excitement, Pike Leather has come to life.I come from four generations of farmers on my mom’s side. In the mid 1800’s, my great great grandfather Mark Pike Scott moved his family by covered wagon to Wolverine, a small northern Michigan town, and began farming, honing skills he would pass down to generations. The name Pike Leather is a nod to his visionary nature, adventuring spirit,  and the choice he made to spend his life working hard with his hands.

Growing up on a farm, we used leather on a daily basis. My main responsibility was the horses, and I came to appreciate a well made saddle or bridle in a very utilitarian sense. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I also began to value the aesthetic beauty of a quality leather piece. Leather has the fascinating ability to tell a story. In such a lovely way, it absorbs life and the marks of it’s journey become part of the unique landscape of each piece.Your leather piece will only become more beautiful over time. It is my hope that you’ll take it with you through life, and after years and years of love and use, you’ll pass it down with all the stories it holds to someone you care about.Special thanks to:
Chris Carson – website
Greg Hartman – branding
Mary Hartman – model and photographer
Milla Chappell – model and photographer
Stephanie Poe – model
Anna Rued – model
Trudy Hartman – model